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How do I know if I have hearing loss?

Common Hearing Loss Symptoms: 

*If you notice any of these behaviors and suspect you have hearing loss, talk to your doctor about visiting a hearing specialist in your area, or call us to schedule a free hearing evaluation.

  • You require frequent repetition
  • You have difficulty following conversations with more than two people
  • You think people sound muffled or like they are mumbling
  • You have difficulty hearing in noisy situations
  • You have you TV or radio up to a high volume
  • You answer or respond inappropriately in conversations
  • You hear a ringing in your ears
  • You find yourself reading lips or facial expressions more intently

How can hearing loss effect more than my ability to hear well?

Untreated hearing loss can continue to worsen over time, and can lead to brain atrophy and an increased likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

At what age should I get a hearing test?

A 2004 MarkeTrak survey estimated that 10% of the United States population reported some kind of hearing difficulty. Most people believe hearing loss is simply a “sign of aging” however, hearing loss can be seen in all age groups. 

I work normal business hours is there any way to come in after 7 PM?

Yes! We understand. Call (727) 771-9100 and we will be happy to make an after-hour appointment.

Do I need a hearing test to buy Rx Ears?

No you do not. It's like getting reading glasses for your ears.

Is there a charge for a hearing test?

Hearing tests are offered free of charge in most cases.

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